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Conversion Growth Agency
Service Plans


Full CRO
$ 2

One time investment
50% after delivery
- 10 days -
  • Comprehensive Audits & Conversion Strategy
  • - Customer Behavior Research
  • - Full website CRO Audit
  • - Click & Scroll Heatmaps
  • - Click Stream Analysis
  • - User Testing Sessions
  • - Google Analytics Audit
  • - Website Speed Audit
  • - User Experience Audit
  • - Actionable Plan & Strategy


First Month
initial plan
$ 5

One time investment
50% after delivery
- 30 days -
  • Conversion Audit & Strategy
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Page Speed Optimizations
  • A/B & Multivariate Tests
  • - 4 to 12 tests per month
  • - Abandoned cart recovery
  • - UI / UX Optimizations
  • - Custom Design assets
  • - Custom page development
  • - Custom Copy-writing
  • - Content Enhancement
  • Winners implementation
  • CRO Summary Report


$ 4

per month
Cancel Anytime
- 30 days -
  • Audit follow-up & updates
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Page Speed Optimization
  • A/B & Multivariate Tests
  • Winners implementation
  • CRO Monthly Report

How to improve your
User Experience, Page Speed and Workflow
Get more out of your existing traffic

Increase revenue - Highly qualified leads - Lower acquisition cost

Content enhancement

From the media assets you display to your content marketing game, every set of pixels in your website is either building the frame your users need, or creating a resistance to reach a better conversion rate.

Page Speed Optimizations

The website speed is a crucial point that affect both your search engine rank and your users experience. Decreasing the best slow pages load time is an art that we master, and will definitely affect your business bottom line.

UI/UX, the User Experience

It is all about user experience, from tweaking your Call-To-Action button color, to a complete UI / UX funnel process re-design, depending on your web page needs, 1% improvement means millions for some clients.

Lead magnet & Landing page

Building and improving your in-site lead generation process, using better landing pages, lead magnets and a lead collection strategy, is part or our CRO Formula.

Automated Workflow

Efficient and automated workflows drastically improve your conversion rate with handling abandoned shopping carts, wp-wp-signup.php.phps and payment processes.

A/B Split testing

What we trust is the validated proven data, our experience view is an indicator. The process that is proven to give the best results is : Conceptualize, Improve, Test, Repeat.

What is a conversion rate or CRO ?

CRO is the process of optimizing the conversion rate.
A conversion rate is the percentage of visitors that complete the desired action on your landing page, from submitting a form to signing up, purchasing a product or subscribing to your services.

What is a good conversion rate ?

A good conversion rate is a conversion better than the previous one, right ?
The number depends on your users country, B2B or B2C, business model, niche and market, ..
The good news is, there is always room for a CRO improvement, this is why we offer an ongoing plan to keep growing your online business and stay an industry leader.

what do you call a CRO Formula or Strategy ?

Our CRO formula is designed to get more out of the same traffic juice you have already, using data and our 13 years experience.
Starting from a comprehensive and prioritized audit, our CRO expert go through our proven checklist to improve key aspects on your landing page, then A/B test to validate the effect on the conversion rate and your bottom line.
Once we have a test winner, we implement it with custom design and custom development as needed.
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